Icon's Challenge

To develop & design a building system that out performs conventional construction systems.

Natural disasters are repeatedly occurring worldwide and there seems to be no end to this cycle of destruction. The Pacific region is no exception with New Zealand and Japan suffering devastating earthquakes recently.

In New Zealand these were isolated events, thankfully, but for our Pacific Island neighbours cyclones are regular occurrences , threatening lives and causing serious destruction to buildings and infrastructure.

Conventional building construction systems simply cannot withstand these extreme conditions and we were challenged by a client to find a robust, affordable building solution that would have a better chance of survival and, more importantly, would safeguard the lives of the occupants during such an event.

Aid organisations, like our client, find themselves having to repeatedly repair or replace conventional building structures that have been destroyed or damaged. This is a particularly difficult, slow and expensive process in remote locations.

Who is Icon

We are a collective of architects, engineers, contractors and product manufacturers committed to helping clients find innovative building solutions utilising shipping containers .

Everyone in this group contributes to the improvement and ongoing development of the Icon Building System. Each brings specialist skills to the project, finding solutions that best suit the particular design/construct application .

Working together collaboratively, and especially prototyping solutions, has proven to be extremely beneficial. Product manufacturers make a significant contribution to our development and we are grateful for their assistance.

We continue our research, looking to lead in the selection and use of sustainable/recyclable products wherever possible and practical.

Moving Forward

The objective of Icon Buildings is to develop a quick, practical, robust and relocatable construction system utilizing containers that satisfies the needs of clients around the globe, particularly in remote locations where conventional construction is impractical.

As we are based in New Zealand all the research and projects undertaken to date have been in the Pacific region. Our intention is to expand to other regions/ countries by promoting the Icon Building System to established container fitout companies. We believe the best way forward is by working collaboratively with these companies, transferring our knowledge and teaching them our assembly systems and techniques.

Given that containers occur worldwide, it is sensible to undertake the engineering and fitout works within the country of source. The use of locally based companies conversant with conditions and known to Council authorities would speed up documentation/construction approvals and minimise delays.

We would be pleased to explore and discuss any mutually beneficial opportunities in other countries.

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