Icon Services

Icon Buildings has undertaken all current projects on a commission basis ie the buildings are designed and built to suit a particular client on a specific site. Having a diverse team of consultants and contractors allows us to offer our clients a full design and build service.

Typically there are four stages to each development, comprising

Stage 1 Concept & Developed Design
Architectural & Engineering
Building Site Analysis & Evaluation
Building Concept
Structural Concept
Services Concept
Project Costing
Stage 2 Construction Documentation
Container Engineering
Structural Engineering
Services Engineering
Construction Drawings
Stage 3 Building Consent Lodgement
Submission of documentation to NZ Local Authority for construction compliance & approval
Stage 4 Construction & Project Management
Construction supervision and project management through to project completion including NZ Local Authority Code of Compliance certification

Partial Services

We continue to develop a range of predesigned buildings that will offer the most cost effective pricing to prospective buyers.( Time and Cost savings / Stages 1 & 2 are complete )

Note that even though our designs are pre approved there will still be a requirement by NZ local authorities to submit Stage 3 Building Consent documentation to satisfy site specific services/ foundation/ seismic and wind zone conditions.

We are happy to engage and consult with prospective clients or their existing consultants to demonstrate the benefits of containerised building solutions. We have recently completed some significant commercial container buildings in Auckland NZ and are able to showcase these to you.

Featured Projects

Residential Single Story

Icon have designed a unique "universal residential module", utilising 2 x 20FT Hicube containers linked with a central open space, giving a Combined Total Area area of 60m (* All Icon design modules/circulation/doors/custom furniture meet NZBC accessibility requirements)

Container 1 15m2
Services module with ablutions/kitchen/wc
* earthquake safe /protection of essential services

Container 2 15m2
Sleeping module either one single large bedroom or split into two separate bedrooms
* earthquake safe sleeping area/protection of lives

Central Living/Dining area 30m2
Open plan combined living/dining area with dual access deck options for outdoor living.


Clip on carport & store
Clip on deck (covered or uncovered)

The Icon system offers a full range of aesthetic options with variable roof shapes and numerous external cladding possibilities; unclad Container, Rustic, Traditional, Industrial, Green/Sustainable, and Contemporary cladding options are all possible.
(* all adopt standard cavity construction )
Note that the external wall cladding is optional, applied for visual/aesthetic effect only, to satisfy the clients preference or local authority planning restrictions.

This "universal module" solution applies equally to the larger 40FT containers and again there are numerous plan/layout combination possibilities that we can design.

Prototype Residential Unit
To demonstrate the simplicity and versatility of the module system
Icon Buildings has built a complete 90 m2, 3 Bedroom /2 bathroom unit with study complete with custom made furniture.
This 3 Container Unit was constructed then deconstructed and transported off site to test and ensure the relocatability theory worked.

Residential Multi Storey

The "universal residential module" is easily adapted to double and triple storey appartment construction. The structural assembly is no more complex than the stacking of containers in a ship yard, with modified ISO twistlock assemblies providing the necessary structural compliance.

This concept shows a 3 Bedroom/2 bathroom/study Apartment
Block as a Double Storey & Triple Storey structure complete with vertical stair/lift option.

Stairs or Lifts are easily accommodated in vertical containers (2 Storey /20FT or 3 Storey/40FT). These structures can be pre manufactured and transported as a complete container unit which is ready to function once erected on site.

Once again we believe that it would be possible to deliver, relocate and reassemble these apartments overseas in multiple container modules.

2 Bedroom Apartments Double Storey
( 5 containers)

3 Bedroom Apartments Double Storey
(7 containers )

2 Bedroom Apartments Triple Storey
(7 containers )

3 Bedroom Apartments Triple Storey (10 containers )

The design principal of safety in cyclones/earthquakes applies equally to the multi storey apartment options ie, Services modules, Sleeping modules and the escape Stair modules are always accommodated in fully enclosed container structures to ensure maximum protection of occupants.

As in the single storey buildings the Icon system offers a full range of multistorey aesthetic options with variable roof shapes and numerous external cladding possibilities.

Commercial Office Building

To demonstrate the versatility of the Icon modular system we have designed and built a double storey commercial structure , utilising a combination of 40FT and 20FT containers. The container layout and orientation has been configured to create large central, open spaces which accommodates generous meeting/public interaction areas. Good visibility, natural lighting and cross ventilation is achieved with little sense of confinement/containment normally associated with conventional container stacked solutions.

The modular structural principal remains the same throughout with the containers providing the primary building structure and the open plan infill construction is achieved using cantilevered floor and roof panels which independently span between containers without the need for
*additional foundations ( this is site specific/load specific and some Situations may require some intermediate piles/foundations)

Be aware that commercial construction requires more stringent fire compliant construction floor & wall construction systems.



Icon can design and build any ablution,toilet, kitchen and lunchroom combination to your requirements.

This built workshop facility accommodates a male and female disabled toilet, change room, shower, kitchen and lunchroom all in a40FT container the toilets, kitchen and change rooms are all accessible with ramps provided to suit this installation.
Total Area of 30m2

(* copyright applies to all icon designs )

This building can be separated from the foundations and disconnected from services and available for pickup and relocation in less than a day.

Icon has a selection of internal fitout solutions that permit a variety of service cavities and lining/finish options to be installed to Floors Walls or Ceilings.


Signage Pylon

Icon can custom design, build and engineer any specialist container conversion project.

This signage pylon utilises a 40FT container installed as a vertical pylon sign and store room facility. This installation demonstrates the potential structural capabilities and versatility of container structures.

Similar applicable structures would include:

  • Fire/Water towers
  • Lookout Towers
  • Stairs
  • Lift Shafts
  • Solar/Wind/Photovoltaic towers

School Concept

This layout demonstrates Icon's conceptual layout for a simple 4 Classroom School with Admin/toilet block.
(* copyright applies to all icon designs)

School 80 Pupils

  • 4 Classrooms 45m2 each class /20pupils
  • 2 Resource rooms 15m2 shared
  • 1 Admin 15m2
  • 1 Toilet block 15m2 (male/female) 6 wcs
  • School 240m2 area
  • Theoretical Site Area 390m2
  • 8 Containers required.

Church/Hall Concept

This layout demonstrates Icon's conceptual layout for a 120 seater church or hall configuration
(* copyright applies to all icon designs)

  • Hall Area 180m2
  • Entry area 30m2
  • 1 Alter /Stage 15m2
  • 1 Meeting Rm 15m2
  • 1 Store room 15m2
  • 1 Office/Admin 15m2
  • 1 Kitchen 15m2
  • 1 Toilet block 15m2 (male/female) 6 wcs
  • Church/Hall 300m2 area
  • Theoretical Site Area 625 m2
  • 6 Containers required.